About Bridjay

About Bridjay
Bridjay and her daughter Joeilynnae

Bridjay founder of Bridjay’s Superfoods is on a passionate and heartfelt mission of good health. Every ingredient she puts in her delicious nutrient packed creations benefits the mind, body and spirit. She has dedicated her life to teaching people the importance of what goes into their body.

Bridjay’s unique abilities come from a long tradition of health and nutrition. Bridjay’s grandfather was a naturopathic physician and her father was a pioneer in the food industry. From a young age Bridjay was taught the importance of fresh, natural, preservative free, healthy food. She loved cooking and baking homemade dishes with her mother.

Food was not her only health pursuit, she is an expert in healthy supplementation. She is a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition; along with her daughter who finished up her college BA degree and was in the Masters program for Alternative Health and Wellness. Bridjay’s advanced education has augmented her lifelong mission to heal, balance and restore the body in a natural way.

In Loving Memory Of
Lynnae Bongiorno

During her personal journey towards healing from a series of major health challenges; Bridjay discovered the most effective ways of healing. She studied how foods, when paired with an understanding of one’s body, can truly uplift, relieve and fulfill one with strength and energy. She sought answers for a vital life, for herself, and to share with others.

Losing her sister at the age of 20 from Leukemia and her husband being diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer had a profound effect on Bridjay. This motivated her to help as many people as possible to feed their body properly and to help them heal from within. Through the ups and downs of her husbands journey of fighting cancer; Bridjays creations were always a staple in his diet that not only tasted great but gave him the nutrients his body was requiring. Her husband has been in remission since 2014. Friends and family raved about these recipes and encouraged Bridjay to share them with the world. That’s how Bridjay’s Superfoods started and why it is such a tremendous success!

Bridjay wants to share with the world how eating should always be fun, tasty and never about deprivation!! She believes that if you can’t pronounce an ingredient, it shouldn’t go into your body; it shouldn’t even go into your pantry. People don’t need to choose between health and taste when it comes to eating. She uses premium, better-for-you ingredients that are kind to your body without sacrificing quality or flavor. Bridjay’s creations have no added sugar, hydrogenated or trans fats, soybean or canola oils. This bark is not baked but are dehydrated at a low temperature which maintains all nutrients. They have no artificial flavors, colors, dyes, waxes or chemical preservatives. Just. Real. Nutritious. Food.